Actual photo taken from Kayaran Residences


KAYARAN Residences is located at the highest point of the Cascade hilltop, in the Kendron district of Yerevan, near the "Hask" monument and the Cafesjian Foundation Museum.

Kayaran Residential Complex Location

Project info

Architect: Hratchia Boghossian

Developper: Yerashen LLC

General Contractor: Kayaranshin LLC

Hratchia Boghossian is a renowned Armenian architect; well known for his many famous old and new works around Armenia, including the "Yeritasardakan Palat", the "Hamalir", the "Tufenkian Hotels" of Tsapatagh and Lori and numerous other famous landmarks in Armenia.

Built in a new residential neighborhood, Kayaran is just minutes away form Yerevan’s thriving city center. The complex has a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the majestic mountain of Ararat. The architecture and construction standards of the project adhere to a strict set of guidelines that go beyond the current requirements and standards.

Construction of Kayaran Residences followed a set timeline which includes architectural, pre-construction land preparation, excavation, shell construction, tenant improvements, landscaping, site finishing and commissioning.

KAYARAN RESIDENCES was initiated in 2006 and completed in 2011.