Actual photo taken from Kayaran Residences


KAYARAN Residences is located at the highest point of the Cascade hilltop, in the Kendron district of Yerevan, near the "Hask" monument and the Cafesjian Foundation Museum.

Kayaran Residential Complex Location

Kayaran Homeowners Association

Kayaran Residences has its community funded and operated homeowners association, which is governed by an elected board of directors and strict bylaws, as voted on by its members. The HOA provides neighborhood amenities such maintenance of green zone landscape, events and recreation halls, pools and well as general maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, roofs and buildings, elevators and all common areas. The HOA also provides 24/7 security services.

The Kayaran HOA has a full-time staff of 4 and yearly contracts with several companies and individuals who provide regular services of security, maintenance and repair to the complex.

The goal of the Kayaran Homeowners Association is to create and preserve the quality of life of its homeowners as well as maintain the quality and value of the properties.

The Kayaran Homeowners Association can be contacted via email at